White Fire OG for Sale Beautiful Harvest, Our New Fav Strain!

We all want our children to be more successful than us and this is one of the rare cases in the weed world where two decent strains created a phenomenal one. This Fire OG aka Wifi strain is the offspring of Fire OG and The White. Known for having a thick layering of crystals on its buds this Indica-dominant hybrid is an all-time favorite for both newbies and veteran smokers alike.

Even though it’s an Indica-dominant hybrid WIFI’s high is more cerebral, while also offering energy and focus. Want a strong but not overpowering head high that won’t leave you drowsy like most Indicas? Then Wifi’s going to be your main fling for the foreseeable future! You’re welcome!


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50 grams, Half ounce (15grams), HP (226grams), LB (454grams), Ounce (28grams), Oz (30grams), QP (113grams)


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